Punt and Dennis

On Monday night Sherry and I went to the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton. It had been a while since we’d seen a live performance of anything (I think the last time was possibly when we saw Avenue Q in London last year), and it was great to get out and see some live comedy.

The show was Punt and Dennis – The Stuff and Nonsense Tour. I didn’t really know Steve Punt, but Hugh Dennis is very familiar from Mock the Week and I was really looking forward to seeing him in person.

The show started with Hugh Dennis doing his famous raptor impression, and it was easily the best raptor impression I’d seen all year. There were a few slow bits during the show, but I laughed through most of it, and the last bit, with a “drunk” Dennis pointing and shouting at a map of the UK was brilliant.

It was a good night, and I’m now really excited about seeing Andy Parsons in November.

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