An Unidentified Official

Back in 2000, Sydney hosted the Summer Olympics. As enjoyable as they were, the best thing about having the Olympics was the comedy television we had on in Australia at the time.

Before the games we had The Games, a “mockumentary” by John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Gina Riley about the Sydney Organising Committee. During the event we were lucky to have The Dream with Roy and HG on every night. Both were top quality. Brilliant and hilarious and unmissable.

However the best thing about The Olympics was this.

An Unidentified Official

This appeared in The Indian Express on the 22nd of September 2000.

The caption is:

IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch (L) and an unidentified official watch the judo preliminaries at the Olympics. The 80-year old Samaranch, who left the games following the opening ceremony to be by his dying wife’s side, returned to the games late on Wednesday, only two days after her funeral. (AFP)

It makes me proud to be an Australian.

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