Let me pay

In the last four and a half years I have paid for at least all of the following Twitter applications:

  • Twitterrific (Mac)
  • Twitterrific (iPhone)
  • Twitterrific Premium
  • Twitterrific MAS
  • Tweetie 1
  • Tweetie 2
  • Tweetie (Mac)
  • Birdbrain
  • DMs
  • Kiwi

But during this time I haven’t been able to give Twitter any money.

If Twitter would concentrate on their platform rather than selling their users and forcing me to use their service the way they want me to use it, I would definitely pay for the following:

  • £20/year just to support Twitter
  • £40/year to get a “supporter” badge on my profile like the “verified” badge the celebrities I don’t care about get
  • £5/month if I could filter tweets on the server so they were hidden in any client application I chose to use

I’m sure I’m not the only one of the millions and millions of Twitter users who want to give you money. Be innovative. Be brave.

Twitter is an extremely important platform. Please don’t ruin it.

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