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I hate BT

We’re moving house soon. Last week, Sherry called BT to get the phone line sorted at our new place. Everything was arranged, we had an order, a phone number, but they’d given us a stupid connection date.

For some reason, they were unable to connect the new line at the date we wanted (any day around the time we were actually moving). They were also going to disconnect our current line on the same date. The only time they could apparently do this was 13 days before we moved.

13 days here without a phone line, leading up to a big house move, wasn’t something we could live with, so we cancelled the order and today I went to place a new one under my name.

But in the last week, it looks like BT have disconnected the phone line to our new house. When I called BT this morning there was apparently no connection, which means an engineer has to go to the exchange to connect us.

They want to charge us £122.50 to reconnect a line they disconnected in the last 5 days.

Thanks a lot BT.

A Brief Update

  • I now live in a cottage on a farm, just outside of Carhampton
  • Baby bean is doing well, but blimey it’s an active little thing.
  • This is how much I love having a woodburner and an enclosed garden:
    —>                                                                        <— (not to scale)
  • The last really good book I read was this one.
  • I now have Windows running via Boot Camp on my Mac, so I’ve been able to start playing Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Team Fortress 2.
  • I followed it all, but didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.
  • I think this is gorgeous and would love it if someone bought me one (wink wink).
  • I was cheering on Selby all the way to the end.
  • My wrist no longer hurts (after 14 months) thanks to this.
  • If I look outside my window I see lots of these.
  • I loved my first trip to Ikea and then the many hours of furniture assembly, largely because of these:
  • And… we have just over 100 days until baby bean is supposed to show up.

Note to Self

Do not top up the oil in your car when you haven’t slept properly for over a week.

Do not forget to check the oil levels after adding new oil to your car.

Do not put too much oil in the engine of your car.

Car might go boom.
Car might smoke a LOT.
Car might nearly be unrecoverable.

You Choose


Where’s the cheese

YouTube is too awesome.

I’ve been looking for these for ages.

“Where’s the cheese?”