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Twenty Eleven

New bike

I’ve become a bit of a cycling addict this year. I ride to work and back almost every day and have clocked up almost 2000 miles so far, however when it’s wet and the roads are slippery and dirty, my Allez isn’t the best thing to be on – the gears get clogged and I seem to spend more time cleaning it than riding it.

So I decided to get a new bike for the winter. I like the geometry and feel of my road bike, so went for a Specialized Langster. Almost the same frame, but a single-speed and it’s a bit lighter.

The plan is to use the freewheel to start with, then see if I can cope with it fixed.

Let me pay

In the last four and a half years I have paid for at least all of the following Twitter applications:

  • Twitterrific (Mac)
  • Twitterrific (iPhone)
  • Twitterrific Premium
  • Twitterrific MAS
  • Tweetie 1
  • Tweetie 2
  • Tweetie (Mac)
  • Birdbrain
  • DMs
  • Kiwi

But during this time I haven’t been able to give Twitter any money.

If Twitter would concentrate on their platform rather than selling their users and forcing me to use their service the way they want me to use it, I would definitely pay for the following:

  • £20/year just to support Twitter
  • £40/year to get a “supporter” badge on my profile like the “verified” badge the celebrities I don’t care about get
  • £5/month if I could filter tweets on the server so they were hidden in any client application I chose to use

I’m sure I’m not the only one of the millions and millions of Twitter users who want to give you money. Be innovative. Be brave.

Twitter is an extremely important platform. Please don’t ruin it.

2010 Formula 1 Points System

I’m not going to comment about the points system or the season, but I couldn’t find this data anywhere else.

Driver 2010 2009
Sebastian Vettel 256 104
Fernando Alonso 252 101
Mark Webber 242 97
Lewis Hamilton 240 100
Jenson Button 214 87
Felipe Massa 144 57
Nico Rosberg 142 55
Robert Kubica 136 52
Michael Schumacher 72 25
Rubens Barrichello 47 15
Adrian Sutil 47 15
Kamui Kobayashi 32 9
Vitaly Petrov 27 9
Nico Hülkenberg 22 6
Vitantonio Liuzzi 21 5
Sébastien Buemi 8 1
Pedro de la Rosa 6 2
Nick Heidfeld 6 1
Jamie Alguersuari 5 0

An Unidentified Official

Back in 2000, Sydney hosted the Summer Olympics. As enjoyable as they were, the best thing about having the Olympics was the comedy television we had on in Australia at the time.

Before the games we had The Games, a “mockumentary” by John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Gina Riley about the Sydney Organising Committee. During the event we were lucky to have The Dream with Roy and HG on every night. Both were top quality. Brilliant and hilarious and unmissable.

However the best thing about The Olympics was this.

An Unidentified Official

This appeared in The Indian Express on the 22nd of September 2000.

The caption is:

IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch (L) and an unidentified official watch the judo preliminaries at the Olympics. The 80-year old Samaranch, who left the games following the opening ceremony to be by his dying wife’s side, returned to the games late on Wednesday, only two days after her funeral. (AFP)

It makes me proud to be an Australian.